You all know Anjali as a proficient baker, but to me, Anjali is much more than that. She’s been my teacher, my mentor, my philosopher, and very fondly I like to call her my Guru Maa.

I remember the time when we went to Anjalis’ workshop in Singapore, we had a lot of fun. Anjali was so full of life, so full of energy, and her passion for baking just shined through.

She was very warm in greeting us and made us feel so much at home. We had a lot of questions and just to solve our curiosities, she decided to bake an extra cake which was not included in the actual workshop schedule.

If you are once a student, you will forever remain a student, because she will always be there to help you out, give you guidance whenever you need.

– Ms. Khushnaaz Yadav


I learned about Anjali’s baking workshops through a friend and joined at the age of 50.

It was a wonderful experience in my life, and I must admit that all her recipes are very delicious and stunning, a work of art.

Whenever I bake a cake I receive tons of compliments for taste and perfection. I love her passion and her smile and wish her all the success.

– Ms. Manisha

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