She discovered she could have her Cake and Eat it too.
She just had to put on her prettiest Apron and Bake It!!

Welcome to my blog! A place where part of my soul lives, a place where my spirit comes alive and where I will share with you all I know (my bit in the vast ocean of knowledge) of Baking. So much like when I get my Apron on and start to bake! Yes that’s when the magic begins.

It Feels Good To Be Acknowledged – Watch The Interview.

My favorite Cake recipes and how to achieve them are here. I share my deepest thoughts and experiences here too sometimes. And would always love to receive your opinions, stories, experiences, questions and achievements. So let’s move ahead hand-in-hand into this beautiful experience the world calls Baking but I call it love, its a balm for my soul and for my spirits when they are down, its my childhood love and a journey of a lifetime.

New York Baked Cheesecake


Rose and Pistachio Cake


Orange and Chocolate Upside Down Cake


Bundt Stories


Chiffon Cake


Banana Walnut Cupcakes




Brownie Love


My Favorite Coconut Cupcakes



Black Forest Gateaux


Red Velvet Diaries