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The most expensive of Donuts bought from the store cannot beat homemade ones. Their super softness and pillowy fluffiness is unbeatable! And when an experienced teacher shares her tried and tested recipes, tips, tricks, shortcuts and secrets to make those perfect Doughnuts, you know its an opportunity not to be missed!

AnjalisBakeAffair brings this exclusive masterclass on how to make authentic and the softest Donuts from the comfort of your home. Make along with us or learn the recipes to try out yourself. So if you are looking forward to fulfilling those donut-ty cravings of yours or your kids (I always have to mention kids because I’m a Mum!) , you have to attend this Masterclass.

Be sure to know that I am going to teach you everything: the very basics, the tips & tricks, the right ingredients and everything you must know to make perfect Donuts every time. This workshop has everything step-by-step and in detail.

In this masterclass, you will learn:

  1. Full Demo From Scratch For Donuts
  2. Full Demo From Scratch For Eggless Donuts
  3. Getting The Dough Right
  4. Baked Donuts
  5. Savoury Toppings
  6. Donut Glaze
  7. Coating Donuts
  8. Donut holes

Perks of attending:

  • Certificates to all the students
  • Small batches so that due attention is given to every attendee.
  • Free access to students only Facebook group where everyone can share and ask for baking tips and tricks, recipes, resources, clarify doubts, etc.
  •  Full version of recipes covered will be shared to you.
  • Students receive exclusive priority invitations to all the upcoming workshops and courses along with constant alerts about our latest recipe videos.
  • More perks to be revealed once you register!


  • Proficiency: Beginner to advanced
  • Duration: Approximately 3 hours
  • Maximum seats per event: 10


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