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Gluten free Chocolate Cake

If there is one comfort food that everyone loves, it has to be a rich chocolate cake. Serve it with ice cream, layer it with whipped cream, whatever you do, it proves to be the perfect base for any flavor combination. This chocolate cake recipe is dedicated to all those who are allergic to gluten […]


Orange and Chocolate Upside Down Cake

This orange and chocolate upside down cake is for those days when juicy bright-orangey oranges are in season and you see them all around the market. Yes, they do make my mouth water and I want to make the most of the fresh flavor of the season! This is one of my favorite flavor combinations […]

anjalisbakeaffair eggless chocolate cooker cake

Eggless Chocolate Cooker Cake

If someone has ever told you that you can’t bake an amazing cake just because you don’t have an oven, don’t believe them!You must definitely can! This Eggless Chocolate Cooker Cake Recipe is going to give you a very fluffy, soft chocolate cake that would absolutely become your favorite. You can totally serve it for […]