Strawberries & Wine: The perfect start to a romantic evening

Strawberries and Wine is a combination that is perfect for a Valentine’s evening. Both of these, after all, are associated with love and romance.

Now now, don’t be surprised at my reference to Strawberries and Wine as a combination. It may seem strange to you but believe me Strawberries and wine go wonderfully together. In fact, strawberries or fresh fruit are a great combination with delicate tasting sparkling wines.

Have you ever tried strawberries with Champagne? Or, for that matter, with a wine that has a fruity or floral aroma? Strawberries go well with delicate sparkling wines that are low on alcohol content.

In fact, have you heard of Rossini? No, I am not talking about the great Italian Opera composer Rossini here! Rossini Cocktail is a classic combination of pureed fresh strawberries and Prosecco (a sparkling wine made primarily in Veneto, Italy). Lemon juice may be added to this too.

Some of the best wine and strawberry parings would with a Passito (In Italian, passito refers to wines that have been made from dried grapes), Rose Wine, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and of course Prosecco.

So, this Valentine’s Day, plan your evening with sweet and fresh in-season strawberries with one of the above sparkling wines.

Wishing you lots a love!

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