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“A Party Without a Cake is Just a Meeting.”

Of course!!! And there is something incredibly fulfilling about creating a cake for someone’s party.

Because the cake is not just a part of the menu in a party, it is most often the centerpiece of the event. And if that was not enough, a cake represents the celebration that’s taking place in its essence. It embodies the emotions and love of the family or the friends and of all those involved. So much thoughtful planning goes into the ordering of a cake, that, as a cake maker, it puts you in a very special and delicate place.

You are responsible for bringing to life what this occasion stands for for all involved. Be it a heart shaped cake from one lover to another, or a cake representation of a favourite toy car or Barbie doll or book from the parents to their child or even a Pinata Cake full of surprise for a beloved.

And that’s what I love most about being a Cake Maker you know. It gives me a chance to become part of the celebration in so many wonderful ways…. right from the Party-Planning stage to the after party photos and credits!! And then you wait with baited breath for a call or a text telling you how they liked the cake, did it stand up to their expectations, did it taste alright and most important did all that love and care I took while getting the Cake ready shine through?

Cake Making for others an be such a satisfying and fulfilling job that you forget all those long hours of standing on your two aching feet, the heat of the kitchen as you prepared for it, the cold of the Air conditioner as you stood decorating and frosting the cake in the cold room, the late nights that turned into early mornings with you working on every little detail.

And then the client sends you the loveliest words and the photos of the brightest faces enjoying your cake!! Yes, that’s Priceless!!

To order your very own cakes with AnjalisBakeAffair, leave a comment here or write to me at anjali@anjalisbakeaffair.com.

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