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Baking Workshops and Classes In Singapore

“Sharing is the Most Fundamental Act of Friendship. Because it is a Way in Which you Can Give Something Without Losing Anything.”

And so I believe too. And that is why I love to share my art with anyone who is so much as willing to listen! I enjoy giving away my bit of knowledge that I have gathered over the years baking and decorating cakes to other baking enthusiasts and in exchange I love absorbing their experiences and learnings.

Watch the Video – Learn To Decorate Cakes – A Peek Into My Workshops!!

Watch Video – Students Trying Their Hand at Frosting!!

Having these Baking Workshops / classes is my favourite way of not just sharing knowledge but also spending some wonderful positive time with enthusiastic people.

I’m sharing some snapshots of this journey of mine here with photos of some of the workshops held during the last few years.


The only little downside of your Workshop photos is that they are clicked at such random angles and moments that you wish you had hired someone specifically for the job!! But I have learned to steer clear of regrets and embrace what is!!

So,if you too are keen on joining one of these interactive workshops in Singapore, just drop me a mail at anjali@anjalisbakeaffair.com or you could also leave a comment at the end of this post. And we shall get back to you immediately.

You can get the updates on any new Workshops or Classes on Facebook and on Instagram.

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